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NW Tax Calculator
Posted On:
Thursday, August 23, 2018

Tax Impact Calculator

Property Tax Impact Calculator
North Wildwood Schools
Building Excellence Referendum

October 2, 2018 Special Election

Assessed Value: 


New Debt with Current Debt Reduction

Q1 ONLY, if approved: 

Q2 only, if also approved: 

To use this Tax Impact Calculator, enter the 2017 Assessed Value of your
Land & Improvements (top box) as shown on your Tax Bill
from your local Tax Office.

Enter the Assessed Value as a whole number
without commas, dollar sign or decimal places.
e.g. enter. 220000, not $220,000.
Then, click on the 'Calculate' button.

The estimated Tax Impact of this special school referendum election
on your property will show in the bottom boxes.

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