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Lori Basile Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Language Arts/Reading 6, Language Arts/Reading 7, Language Arts/Reading 8


I am currently enrolled as a graduate student at Richard Stockton College.

I have earned graduate credits from both Rutgers University and Saint Joseph's University.

I graduated from Saint Joseph's University in 1993, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Presently, I hold New Jersey teaching certificates as a secondary Teacher of English, as a Teacher of Students with Learning Disabilities, and as a Teacher of Elementary Education.


Resume Snippet

Professional History

Pier Playmates Day Camp Assistant Supervisor                              1997-Present

Margaret Mace Elementary School Writing and

                              Special Education Teacher                              2012-Present

Atlantic Cape Communtiy College Adjunct English Professor             1999-2012 (interrupted)

Crest Memorial Elementary School Substitute Teacher                     2011-2012

Millville Senior High School English Teacher                                    1999-2002

Atlantic County Alternative High School English Teacher                   1998-1999                 


Warning: There is something seriously wrong with me. I am sick. Sick, I say!  Have no fear, for although I am contagious, I am not deadly. I am simply stricken by the fever of teaching writing. I am like the Dunkin Donut man: "Time to make the doughnuts." Of course, I do not make doughnuts; instead, I grade writing; I create lessons. "Time to grade the papers" is my mantra, the ever-present echo of my life. Yet, I look not for a cure to this sickness. On the contrary, I revel in my diseased existence and look forward to exposing my students to the Writing Fever. WARNING: There is something seriously wrong with me, and by the end of the school year, hopefully there will be something wrong with my students as well...Muhahahahaha!


P.S. I have two boys, grades seventh and fourth, whom I routinely attempt to contaminate with my writing shenanigans. My oldest son has known ( whether he wanted to or not) what a simile is since he was two. As you can see, even my own children are not safeguarded against the Writing Fever. Alas! I cannot help myself.