Mission Statement

In a society that is dependent on information and knowledge, equitable and universal access to technology is essential to the learning process. With the guidance of skilled educators and community members, all students will have the opportunity to become actively engaged in the learning process as they think, create, inquire, solve problems and communicate in collaborative and interdisciplinary environments. Students will emerge as lifelong learners, productive members of the workforce and citizens that can contribute to society.

Our district believes:

  • The school of tomorrow will not be bound by walls or limited to a standard school day
  • The community of tomorrow will be one of continuous learning
  • Information and communication are essential tools for the process of improving our curriculum
  • Using technology ethically and appropriately, students can support their own learning by communicating with professionals and students from around the world
  • With increasing global information, students must be able to scrutinize for information validity
  • Suggested applications to incorporate effective technology use should be modeled by teachers in the classroom
  • Effective student assessment is an integral part of strong teaching methods
  • In collaboration with the other school districts of Cape May County, we are committed to maintaining the high standard of technology-infused curricula that has been established through the years of partnership, cooperation, and implementation of a shared educational vision.



Approved: NWBOE 4/23/07