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Sport Participation Requirements

The new requirements state that the following must be completed PRIOR to first (1st) practice:

  • Physical Evaluation (completed by parent and physician)
  • Professional Development Module (completed and printed by physician)
  • Sudden Cardiac Death distributed
  • Sudden Cardiac Death sign-off sheet (signed by student and parent)

To be completed before the start of each sport, if sport physical is dated more than 90 days PRIOR to the start of the first practice:

  • Health History Update Questionnaire (completed by parent).

Sport Forms can be picked up in the Nurse's Office, Main Office or can be downloaded and printed here.


Immunization Requirements


4 doses of DTap

3 doses of polio

1 dose of MMR

1 dose Hib

1 dose Varicella

1 dose PCV7

1 dose influenza

3 doses of Hepatitis B


Kindergarten + all Preschool requirements

DTap(5 doses or 4 doses with 1 given after 4th birthday)

Polio (4 doses or 3 doses with 1 given after 4th birthday)

MMR (2 doses)

Varicella (1 dose)     

Hepatitis B (3 doses)


6thgrade + all Preschool/Kindergarten requirements 

1 dose Meningococcal

1 dose Tdap



PreK through Grade 8 Immunization

New Jersey School Districts shall ensure students receive medical examinations from their primary physician within 365 days and the following must be completed prior to first practice session:



Universal Child Health Record Form (non-athletic)

Upon enrollment into school, the school district requires parents to provide examination documentation of each student within 30 days upon initial enrollment into a New Jersey school. Students transferring into a New Jersey school from out-of-State or out-of-country may be allowed a 30-day period in order to obtain entry examination documentation.

The state requires that notification be given to parents/guardians regarding the importance of obtaining subsequent medical examinations of the students at least one time during each developmental stage.

It is recommended that an exam be performed, at the minimum, during:

  • early childhood (preschool through grade three)
  • preadolescence (grades four through six)
  • adolescence (grades seven through twelve).

It is ideal that the physical examinations be conducted at the “medical home of the student” (child’s own physician).

A copy of these medical examinations may be submitted to the school nurse’s office, to update the student’s medical file. 


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